Why do so many people brave the LA Freeways
on a frequent basis to come to Studio City?
Why do others fly into LA regularly just for a meal?
Well, we asked our customers, and here's a sampling of what they
How do you compare chef Saad's food with other Indian restaurants?

"The best, the very best food that can be found" --Marlon Brando

"...I can't live without your food!" --Brooke Sheilds

"...The flavor explodes in your mouth!" --Brooke Burns of 'Baywatch'

"More variety of choices, flavors more complex, food tastes fresher. Every time I eat here, I discover something new on the menu and everyone is
so friendly, it feels like eating with family. This is one of my very favorite restaurants and there is no other restaurant that is a substitute."
--Alex Arato, New York

"So much better -- no comparison -- it isn't worthwhile to me to ever eat at other Indian restaurants. This is my favorite of all because the food and
flavors are so interesting." --Cindy Hill, Glendale

"Canard de Bombay's food is created by an original mind. I try something new each time -- tonight the Shrimp Ceylon (4*) was fantastic --so light
and with great zip!" --Melanie Ingalls, Hollywood

"Absolutely beyond compare! I don't feel heavy from over-salting [like at other Indian restaurants]. [I rate Canard de Bombay a] 10 for food quality
and wonderful family pride in ownership."
--Rajia Baroudi, Los Angeles

"Better than any Indian food I've ever eaten and better than any other type of food! Chef Saad once made me something special for my sinuses
and something special in Mulligatawney Soup for my boyfriend's cold. You should let people know that nothing makes you feel better (if you're
feeling ill) than one of Chef Saad's dishes!"
--Valerie and Max, Studio City
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