There's only one thing to say about an Indian restaurant as good as Canard de Bombay: 'When do we go back?

Only open a few weeks, the Canard is the sister eatery of several well established Indian places in London.  The menu Is the same as the one used in
the U.K., and most of the restaurant's spices and chutneys are custom imported from England.  Real care is going into the Canard, and the food shows
Onion fritters, called onion bhaji, started our meal with a bang.  Fried to a deep brown.  The appetizer combined a mild taste of onion with a medium
taste of cumin.  Ambrosia!
As a second hors d'oeuvre, lamb kebabs arrived crisp outside and juicy inside; they easily rivaled the fritters.  Papadoms - crisp Indian breads
resembling tortillas - carried just the right hint of chili. An order of nan - an lndian baked bread - was slightly oily, but still very palatable.
Chicken biryani presented boned chicken cooked in mildly seasoned rice as the first of our main courses.  A tangy potato curry made a fine
accompaniment to the excellent selection.
Egg curry, a common Indian dish, proved as good as we'd ever sampled.  The sauce was thick and rich, and the spices - subtly distinct from those in the
potato curry - were delicious.
Though marked on the menu with three out of four stars for spiciness, lamb vindaloo rated very piquant rather than unbearably hot.  The meat tender and
the flavor exquisite, the entree won considerable applause.
Finally, brinjal turned out to he another superb curry, this time of eggplant.  The mixture of seasonings.  Again different from those in previous orders,
nicely highlighted the aubergine's delicate flavor.
After eating our way through most of the food, we found ourselves with absolutely no room for dessert.  Instead we lingered over the remnants of our
feast, and then called it a very happy night.  With four beers and a single mineral water, the sumptuous dinner for three ran a reasonably priced $40.46,
tax and tip included
Canard de Bombay: 4 HEARTS!!
By Christopher Lanier
Los Angeles Herald
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