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Everyone's life has been effected by the dirty politics, crimes, terrorisms,
even natural disasters etc.? Please Read Maaculla to find out how
An Unique Concept For Global Peace by eliminating all  of the above... and
You Can Make The Difference.
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   Maaculla is a story of extraordinary events, written with an optimistic and strong argument for Global Peace. Through the
human drama of romance, sex, love, kama sutra, friendship,adventure, sacrifice, and hope, together with the future rendering
of sexuality by the universe that could be the way of the future...
  Chef Saad didn't set out to be a writer, on the contrary, he was a successful restaurateur in England and Los Angeles, until
he was compelled to close all his restaurants...
  During his time in England he encountered a true superhero/avatar in 1968, in Portsmouth, England, whom he later named
Maaculla. He regarded her as exactly the opposite of Dracula (negative energy). She gave him the certain responsibility to
deliver her messages to the humanity at the right moment in time, as she wouldn't be here by then. Try as he may to avoid this
responsibility even moving to California to be out of sight and out of mind, he couldn't avert the responsibility of delivering the
message. Finally he gave in and closed all his restaurants down to write it down in a book form...
   Everyone's life has been effected by todays crimes, terrorism, dirty politics, wars, and with natural disastes. How did
Maaculla know about all these  negative events and their solutions would be much on the minds of the world today, some fifty
years after her passing away? She suggests, as it may sound rather ambitious if not impossible, that a total global peace can
only be achieved by certain shifting of energy, thus totally eliminating all the above mentioned negative events from our world...
   "Strong argument for the world peace", as his editor commented about the book, as it could be the most important message
of this century, specially when all the negatives are joining forces...
New Book- An Optimistic Novel By Chef Saad