LoveDove is the ultimate creation by Chef Saad!
After years of experience in cooking and Hypnosis Chef Saad has come to the conclusion that all we need is love.  So,
he decided to create a dinner that promotes love between couples.  After all, love begins at home.
Through-out history, you will find examples of love  which have conquered  everything.  Kingdoms, wars,  businesses,
families, friends & enemies, sports, games, awards etc. When Mother Teresa was asked advice on what to do to
succeed in an ambition, with-out hesitation she said, "It's not what you do, it's how much love you put into it."
Our World is in turmoil because of the lack of love.   Our history is full of examples of love which have made numerous
tasks which were thought to be impossible, possible.  And yet we ignore love and embrace hatred.  Thus, creating
competition, greed , wars, lack and unrest between each other, other races, other countries.  In fact, there are enough
resources in the world  to take care of all of us.  
Other people's gain does not deprive you or their loss doesn't make you gain.  Each of us lives with our own energy.  
Giving each other love can make our world a much better place to live in.
Since Love begins at home, this is a small effort by Chef Saad to promote Love.
Take Chef Saad's challenge,  he  promises that within 20 minutes of eating a LoveDove dinner
you will fall in love with your partner or you will renew your love!
LoveDove is Chef Saad's Ultimate Creation!

It Took over Twenty years of experience to develop this unique dinner!
You have to experience it once to fall in love!
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Love makes everything possible!  
It Took Twenty Years to Build a Monument Of His Love By Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved Wife MumTaj Mahal 1632 -1652.  
After she died on Their fourteenth Child birth.
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It's Worth Your Love!
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