The only known natural throat spray treatment available.  

For singers, Speakers, Newscasters, Reporters, Sales persons, Teachers or anybody who use their voice
extensively.  Your throat and vocal cords are exposed to germs and bacteria as we breath in.  Also due to
extensive use of your voice you can stress your throat muscle and vocal cord resulting deteriorating the
quality of your voice as well as temporary loss of your voice, sore throat, inflamations etc.  The incredible
natural ingredients  of Liquid Voice™ not only heal your troat, it prevent it from happening through regular
use. The alchemist Chef Saad  put knowledge from years of his experience with natural remedy to
formulate it.  That’s why it is 100% guaranteed.
Liquid Voice™ contains:

Althea:                 Soothes inflamed mucus membrane, Coughs, Hoarseness, Bronchitis.
Licorice root:        Reduces inflamation, Coughs, Soreness, Hoarseness, Strengthens  the Throat.
Echinacea:           Immune, Anti-viruses, anti inflamatory, Allergy.
Ginger:                 Expectorant, Soothing, Heals tissues, Soreness.
Stevia:                  For Calming nerves & Sweet Taste.
Colloidal Silver:    Strongest natural Antibiotic-kills viruses, bacteria, moulds by suffocating them of oxygen,
(10ppm)               rather than poisoning them as chemicals do.
Individually each of these ingredient is well known for their benefits, but to masterfully combining is the work
of an alchemy.  Try it and you will feel the difference.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Liquid Voice
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Throat health for singers, public
speakers and people who use their
voice excessively.