An Introduction to Chef Saad's Food


Your Food May Be Responsible For It!

In today's world, you need more than 100% of your body/mind's energy.

Canard de Bombay of London
® is not just another Indian restaurant.

When you read this introduction you will discover that Chef Saad's Canard de Bombay' of London, is a very unique, one
of a kind restaurant, concerned about your health and sanity.   If you are mentally and physically active, and you care
about your health, performance, mood and personality, then this food is for you.
Please read on......
A hundred years ago, we weren't facing the pressures we do now both at home and work, or up against the ill effects of smog, pesticides and chemicals
in our air, water and food.  To cope with this growing phenomenon we need a food that is energy giving, antioxidant, cleansing, low in cholesterol and
calories, that will build resistance and have no side effects.   Master Chef Saad  has a reverent respect for the intelligence that created us and provided
us with an abundant Earth and everything that we need to survive beautifully in body and mind.  He feels the science of nature is answering our
heightened nutritional quests by shuffling the herbs and spices all over the world and as an herbalist, he does not take his role as a caretaker in this
process lightly, having left his successful restaurants in Europe to further develop his ultimate herb and spice blends and bring them to America.  He
also believes that the more we replace chemicals in our food and drugs with herbs and spices, the better for us, because our performance, mood,
health, and personality depends on what we eat.   Therefore, it's just as important to eat the right food as going to a physician.   So the responsibility of
the food should be given to not just businessmen but to people with knowledge, caring, and compassion.

No two people are the same in their body chemistry and that's why Chef Saad believes that eating good and natural food is not enough, but also, we
should only eat what is right for our own individual body chemistry.   Chef Saad challenges anyone who says that spicy food is not good for them,when
prepared right, herbs and spices can only be beneficial to your health.   Although Saad's food is basically Indian, he uses hundreds of herbs and spices
and many different herbal oils from around the world and only cooks with purified water, you even have many different choices of water to cook your
food with and hence he has named it Curry+Plus®.

He has combined three different kinds of cooking methods to perfect his Curry+Plus cooking.   He took Indian & other varieties of herbs and spices,
used the Cordon Bleu method of making sauces and Chinese method of fast cooking to perfect his dream cooking.   That gave him the ability to offer
endless varieties of herbs and spices to make food for every individual chemistry and cook it fast and fresh at the time of eating.   After all, curry means
a sauce made from herbs and spices and the more varieties of herbs and spices the better the curry.   He uses naturally grown vegetables and
hormone-free meat.   His Curry+ Plus method is as versatile as the population of Los Angeles.

He has an open kitchen, so you can see how and where your food is prepared.   Chef Saad says it means an 'open heart,' as the kitchen is the heart of
a restaurant.   Master Chef Saad Ghazi, with a medley of herb and spice mixtures in the kitchen can custom make food to suit any chemistry and please
any palate.   He can prepare your food without salt or oil, leave out onions or garlic etc.   Or add extra if you prefer.   Yet, unlike any other health food or
tasty junk food it tastes wonderful.   That's why Chef Saad hesitates to call his food health food.   It is the right food for your own individual chemistry.   
This is still a nameless food ! Some people might have a problem generalizing it.   But our clients certainly do not have any problem with it, even though
we don't advertise and aren't listed in the phone book.
                                             The dishes are graded with stars to denote the spiciness:

He does go beyond four star up to 10 star, but one must eat a 4 star before he will make it for you.  Are you bold enough to eat the hottest food in the
world? Or bring your baby and fill his bottle with the mildest curry in the world.  Chef Saad's way of cooking is especially good for physically and mentally
active people, who believe in high energy and feeling good without craving cigarettes, alcohol, chemicals or drugs.  Bland food cannot satisfy these
needs.  He has combined this incredible food using his thirty years of experience and knowledge.  Just let him know what you feel like today and he will
make a custom made dish just right for you.   And now you can enjoy Chef Saad's food where ever you are, by using his products you can cook it
0 star
Baby Mild
1 star
2 star
A Little Hot
3 star
Very Hot
4 star
Extremely Hot
6, 8 & 10 star
Stratospheric Spicy
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