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This painting (1969) by Saad depicts all human beings as a
combination of positive and negative energies and not
necessarily entirely good or bad. For instance water sustains
our lives and is considered a positive entity. At the same time,
it can destroy lives through floods. On the other hand, fire is
often considered a negative energy because it is so powerful
at causing destruction, but fire can be positive when we
control it and use it to keep ourselves warm, cook and power
our industries. Each entity can become negative or positive
according to the way they are applied and how well we can
learn to master them.
The Benefits of Hypnosis
by Saad Ghazi
Why should you try hypnotherapy?
Because it works!
Modern hypnotherapy is a quick and
effective way to resolve personal issues.
A hypnotherapist can help you modify
and fine tune your behavior, improve
focus and performance in just a few
sessions. The key to success is
reprogramming your mind. Hypnosis
directly accesses the subconscious
mind where this Programming is stored.
Hypnotherapy can produce results that  
cannot be obtained through attempting to
change the conscious mind. It can
succeed where psychotherapy, self
exploration, meditation and positive
thinking have failed. In hypnosis we can
get to the root of the problem in your
subconscious mind by rewriting the old
script and replacing it with a new one.
My approach is simple: Two opposite
feelings cannot exist in one place.
Where there is stress, I will help you to
replace it with calmness. Similarly, deal
with fear, frustration etc. and where there
is failure replace it with success.
This simple technique works to overcome
a multitude of problems.
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Our minds absorb every piece of information that it is exposed to
positive or negative and that becomes the basis of the programming
in our subconscious minds. Hypnotherapists call these pieces of
information  “message units.”

From birth through age eight, whatever enters our subconscious
through our primary and secondary caregivers (mother, father, peers
or environment), becomes our life’s script, which some call our
“destiny.” Our subconscious mind accepts it all, both good and bad.
Most of us believe our destiny cannot be changed these “known”
message units are the only reality the subconscious abides by.

Around the age of eight and nine a new level of the mind is formed,
called the “critical mind.” This does not mean that the new area of
the mind “criticizes,” but only that it acts as a filter to pass judgment
on new message units that come to us. All new knowledge filters
through the critical area of the mind. Its job is to protect us from
being brainwashed or fooled. Without a critical mind we could suffer
from being hyper-suggestible all the time.

Here is the big challenge: what is “known” to the subconscious mind
can be true but also it can be mythical, and it can be wrong. In many
cases it may not serve us well. It often consists largely of outdated
knowledge that had been passed down through our parents and
siblings from our grandparents. With all due
respect, this knowledge may be obsolete and not applicable to our
life today.

Our goal in hypnotherapy is to access the subconscious mind and
rewrite the programming script to suit our needs today and in the
future. The hypnotherapist, together with his willing client, works to
unscramble the critical mind and give beneficial suggestions to the
subconscious mind in a caring, comfortable and safe environment.
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