In the early 80's, when some of our customers started to try and survive the four, six, eight, and ten star dishes, they felt so proud of themselves that they
suggested we recognise these brave souls for going on these perilous journeys - and Chef Saad's Wall of Flame was born.  On the wall of flame hang his coveted
Shields of Courage or  Plaques which are not as much awards as they are objects of recognition; but, this is no ordinary plaque handed out to any old hot shot
that thinks they can 'handle the spice'!  One must eat a full dish of four star, six star, eight star, and/or ten star a certain amount of times to receive
one - not just once!
To be fair to the real hot food eaters Chef Saad himself laid down these following criteria:
To be eligible for four a star plaque one has to eat a complete meal of: 4 star  8 times  
                                                                 6 star 12 times
                                                                 8 star 16 times
                                                        and 10 star 20 times
There is no time limit and there is no exception to these rules. One has to eat it in front Chef Saad so that he can check your plate
So, if you are up to the 'challenge', and you would like, for once, to taste spicy meal, try a four star dish.  But don't be fooled, just because you can still taste the
food doesn't mean you won't have the most intensely spicy food in the world finding it's way out of Chef Saad's kitchen and into your mouth!

4, 6, 8 and 10 star ready-to-eat sauces are now available! Contact Chef Saad for more information

the Hottest People of the millennium
Chef Saad created a way for spicy food lovers to have the burning spice and a wonderful  flavor in the same dish - which
some think is a fantasy combination.  The spice should not burn your mouth so that you cannot enjoy your meal, it should
be an exciting addition!  This is a point overlooked by most inexperienced herb and spice handlers.
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