After graduating from high school Saad began his higher education to be a Medical professional
following in his Grandfather’s foot steps.  He had already studied Naturopathic medicine with his
Grandfather who was also a medical surgeon and a Herbalist.

Using his education in both Medical and Herbal Science, he went into research for a few years
before he realized that, people make themselves sick by also ingesting junk food and the wrong
foods. Utilizing the benefits of Herbs & Spices, he decided to pursue a career as a
chef/restaurateur and opened up a few restaurants in England and here in Los Angeles.  The
famous Canard de Bombay Restaurant which quickly became a hangout for celebrities and

To further his knowledge, he went on to studied Hypnosis, Herbalism and cooking to satisfy the
needs of body and mind, realizing that our mind needs healing as well as our body.  Thus, Saad
is wearing many hats at the same time.  In his words, “They are all useful tools in his practice,
because they all compliment each other.”  For instance, it is wise to treat the whole being rather
than the local symptom in the body as the medical science insists on treating.  

He now has a very successful practice with a following of dedicated clients. He is constantly
searching and discovering new ideas to improve his practice and help his clients with the best
that he has to offer.  Hence, Saad went on to study Iridology, Kinesiology and Angel Therapy in
order to equip himself even further tools in this endeavour.

And thus Chef  Saad is literally wearing many hats. But he did it all not just to serve people and
make  business with them.  He did it to mainly apply them to his own life and to his family's life.  
Needless to say he excelled in every venture that he explored.  Every thing he offers to others
he tried & tested it himself.  The reward is invaluable...  
Chef Saad Ghazi
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