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Web Master  Saaren Ghazi:
Welcome by Chef Saad...
Welcome to my virtual kitchen.  I am Chef saad.
My curry-cooking progam takes you on a uique
culinary journey, which I believe will change our
perspective, and which I hope will enhance your
cooking by making you skillful. This cooking
program is based on professional cooking and
cooking Indian dishes. The way you use this
program is just by doing it, just follow the
instructions and cook with it.  Don't try to
understand it at this moment.  If any ideas come,
set them aside for later.  Take this unique culinary
journey, just for now.  This is only a small attempt,
and not to demystify the whole art of Indian
cooking; but, to share my experience, philosophy
and beliefs of my professional cooking.  I know
each one of you in search of good food, good
taste, knowledge, guidelines, easy to follow &
over all a healthy and happy experience in the
variety of cooking curry. Each & every recipe is
presented this way.  If you are wondering, can
you really cook like the restaurants?  Yes, you
can cook like a restaurant chef.  Furthermore,
whether you are a novice, hobbyist or a
professional this book will take you through a
unique culinary journey!  All this is possible only
by understanding and applying my years of
experience, and my unique Recipe Grid system.  
If you are like most of us, you'd like to start
cooking immediately using the recipes, I would like
to respectfully and lovingly suggest, that you read
through the whole book from Chef Saad's bio to
the end; at least once.This will help you to get the
feel of the entire concept, and this is to say,
cooking and enjoying curry can be a way of life
for you too.  Now let us explore this delicious
cooking journey & enjoy! ...
Chef Saad  
Chef Saad aka The CurryGuru Welcomes
you...    A
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